The Street Children Rescue and Community Empowerment program is our first program which aim to reach numbers of children who connected with the street life. We develop strategy to rescue them from the street and empower the community to enable them prevent children to go to the street. We use sport activity (GARUDA BARU) to reach them in a group and visit them personally. We collaborate with local community, partners organization and street/marginal family.

At the moment there are 16 location in Jakarta and its surrounding where we facilitate regular futsal training for children. There are around 360 children participate regularly. Meanwhile, the data collection and mapping about the situation on the street will be continuously done along the year.

Through network and partnership we could reach more children and educate family and adults about child rights and protection. We work together in advocating child rights, such as get their civil identity ttheir birth certificate, social health insurance, and access to formal education. This will be our second priority in SC Rescue and Community Empowerment program. We will do more awareness raising in street and marginal community about child protection issue and encourage them to fulfill child rights.


Our goal in this project are:

  • Reduce numbers of children who work/live on the street
  • Fulfill children rights of identity, access to public health services and education
  • Strengthen community awareness about child rights and child protection


We achieve those goals by:

  • Facilitating sport development program and conduct small research
  • Encourage family participation in advocacy process
  • Connecting children with suitable institution which able to support their needs
  • Advocating to government related with child rights and protection issue
  • Conduct training/workshop to community about child rights and child protection
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