Child Care and Participation (CCP) Program is our program which facilitate children to live in our center. This program provide service for children who need a safe environment after leaving street life. We provide their basic needs, caregiver, and give attention to their self hygiene and health. We provide services while develop children capacity to taking care of themselves and participate in maintaining cleanliness, develop activity in our center, and build their life skills. The children forum conducted every month and there are age group meeting on biweekly basis. By doing this, we educate them to take more responsibility, especially related with weekend and holiday activity. They also gave feedback about activity and ideas how to improve for the next time.

Our first priority is to develop their social competence through morals education, social project, youth camp, and live-in. Through this activity children will be equiped with knowledge and being prepared to deal with real life situations. They will gain experience to meet people in real situation, build relationship, and contribute to the society through simple act of kindness.

The second priority is to conduct life skills training to enable them participate in KDM on daily basis. The will be equiped to be able participate as health assistant, peer educator, and work together as team. Beside that we would like to motivate and inspire them for their future through kinds of inspirational day where adults and profession could share their experience and possibly become mentor for children personally.

By having these activity, we hope that children could feel more comfortable living at KDM and motivated to reach their future. We hope they will feel worth, loved, and more resilient in the future.


Our goal in this program are:

  • Provide comfortable, healthy, and safe environment for children
  • Develop children's positive mental attitude, self-worth, and resiliency.
  • Increase children capacity and participation through planning, budgeting and making decision for their own activity.


We achieve those goals by:

  • Fulfill children's basic and emotional needs
  • Increase child participation and raise awareness of child protection issue
  • Conduct social competency and capacity building for children
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