The Alternative Education is our second program which facilitate children to learn and develop their skills in learning. Consider the background and children previous experience, we saw that alternative education is the best way for these children to catch up, develop skills, knowledge, and confidence. The activities are Early Childhood Education, Reading and Writting Education (Basic Education), Performing Art, Physical Training, and Vocational Training (Skill Classes). Our experience shows that our alumni able to work and employed, even some of them could continue to higher eduucation level. They able to survive in real work life and prove their capacity.

The Alternative Education program develop more kinds of session and thematic month to challenge children develop specific skills. We conduct more training and project, such as digital literacy training, movie production, and enterprise project. Thematic month in literacy, sains, mathematic also will be conducted to motivate and develop children interest in learning specific subject/topics. We encourage children to participate in public competition as well to develop their self confidence and achievement through dance, art, exhibition, and kinds of competition.


Our goal in this program are:

  • Educate children to become an active learner with their unique potential
  • Empower children self-confidence through exhibition & performance
  • Equip youth with sufficient knowledge, skills, and experience to become independent


We achieve those goals by:

  • Use active learning method to stimulate curiosity, perseverance, confidence, independency and collaboration
  • Provide the opportunity to discover their true potential through regular training, individual development, exhibition and competition
  • Provide certified education program and practical working experience for youngsters
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