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Starting from January 2019, Ms. Anna and friends from PER (Ms. Marie, Ms. Inoka, Ms. Marie Laura) conduct Cook4Change. This is not an ordinary cooking class. In this class the children are not only learn to cook a recipe, but also to learn about culture behind the dish.

In each session, the class always starts with the explanation of where and why the dish was made. Every equipment, ingredients and the taste of the created dish is actually connected with the culture where the dish origins. It is expected that when the children understand the culture, the dish will be more authentic.

The class prepared by Ms. Anna was really interesting. In the cooking class, the children learn cooking techniques like: correct knifing and cutting techniques, clean their work station, understands the herbs and mostly is on how to cook a clean, healthy and delicious dish.

Currently the children had three meetings where they learn to cook Spanish dishes like: Fallas, Flan and Gaspacho. All the dishes are very unique and new for Indonesian taste buds, but through that the children learn about the rich variety of culture and taste.

Cook4change is a laboratory where the children and the volunteers learn and develop themselves together. We are hoping that more people can take part and contribute in this project. To see more stories and pictures, or if you are interested in joining this class, please open this link: 

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