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Cooking class is one of skill class that have helped KDM children in preparing their future. For years cooking classroom was a small room at the corner of our school building. The room was built only for 8 students and 1 facilitator. Its wall was made from gypsum and over years they were decayed, thus created many holes. We know that the room was no longer appropriate to be used as cooking class room.

Around June-July 2018, Friends of KDM from Protelindo decided to help KDM in renovation the cooking classroom. After going through some planning with our architect friend, the renovation process was started. The room was expanded, the wall was fixed, windows were installed, and water drainage was managed. Now, the children can learn how to cook comfortably in the new cooking classroom.

With new standardized facility, we are hoping that the children can enhance their cooking skills with good standard. Our next plan for cooking class is to strengthen children’s entrepreneurial skills, that we have started through Red class baking business project.

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