Vision & Mission

Our Vision
KDM, as a center of excellence, empowers street children of Indonesia to build better futures for themselves.

Our Mission
By providing an innovative and caring environment, we enable Indonesia’s street children to become skilled, confident and self-supporting young adults.

How we achieve this:

Sending our rescue teams out into the streets, identifying vulnerable children and providing hope and a means to a better future

Bringing street children who decide to join KDM to our rural adaptation program so they can adapt to a normal lifestyle, away from danger, temptation and abuse

Following adaptation the children move to KDM in Pondok Gede, which becomes their home and family, offering the love and care every child needs

At our Learning Center, the children receive the education they deserve and would otherwise not have had. Teaching is specifically tailored to the greater needs of street children

We provide entrepreneurial initiatives through KDM’s extended network – initiatives that offer opportunities for the children to develop into skilled, independent, young adults.

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