Volunteer Opportunities

As an individual
KDM always needs helping hands and heads. Some of the children speak English and a majority of the staff. However – it is appreciated when volunteers can speak Bahasa Indonesia, to assist in the classes and to communicate with the children. That’s why we welcome Indonesian volunteers and foreign ones.
How can you assist as a volunteer?
By giving English lessons: the children are eager to learn English. So there are people who give English classes in the afternoon
By assisting in sports: the children love it when volunteers do sports (like football, basketball, badminton, table tennis etc.) with them. You don’t have to be a professional player of course.
By giving Music & Arts lessons: At KDM we have a music room, so the children can play as loud as they wish, because it is isolated. Music lessons, so they can really learn how to play, are very important. The same counts for dance, theatre and painting. Most of the children love to do these kinds of things on a regular basis.
By supporting the organization: everybody with a specialization in HR, Organization, and Accountancy is welcome to share his or her knowledge. KDM is a learning organization and is eager to pick your brain.
By helping with health issues: nurses can help with vaccination, groups can provide medicine, and can help by paying hospital and doctor bills. A dentist can help with oral hygiene and give information about this.
By counseling: the children come all from a troubled family background and all have a very difficult history. Counseling can help them to express their feelings. As well the attention they get during the counseling can help them a lot.
By being a job coach during the entrepreneurial program: during this program job coaches find trainee ships for the youngsters and support them during their first steps in working life.
By assisting in skill classes: if you have special skills you can teach the children, in technical things but as well in computers, making movies, webdesign programs etc.
As you can read above, we need a lot of volunteers. So if you have some spare time, and like to work with the children, come and talk to us. There’s always something to do!

As a company
It is very important for the kids to get trained in the ‘real’ world. The child will know what it means to work for someone, to have a normal working life, in short it will prepare him / her for independency.
Therefore we invite companies to offer traineeships to our children; this can mean different things: hotels/restaurants can offer work in the kitchen or dealing with clients, companies can offer traineeships as office boys, doing everything, administration, working with computers, etc.
We need a lot of companies, who can serve as a network for KDM and the children. And of course, regarding the Corporate Social Responsibility, as a company you always can sponsor a project. We create new projects all the time, which need financing.

As a family
Our children lack a family. They miss special care and attention. That’s why we are looking for so called foster families. Families who can invite the children to have dinner with them, who can invite them for a weekend or a small holiday. Nobody can imagine how important this will be for him or her. Also very important is to be out of KDM, to enjoy ‘normal’ life and make friends with ‘normal’ people. If you feel challenged, don’t hesitate to call us!

As a partnering organization
As said, KDM is a learning organization. We always welcome cooperatingwith universities who do research on the topic of street children. Regarding our programs, we like to cooperate with other schools to share knowledge In short – we are always busy to be open to the outer world.

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