KDM Children Fund

Every child deserves the best chance in life. With your support, Jakarta’s street children can too.

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Did you know that of Indonesia’s 70 million children, 18 million are very poor, have no families or live on the streets? From as young as 5, they live a dangerous existence, often exposed to abuse, on the streets of major towns and cities.

For nearly 40 years Yayasan KDM has been rescuing the most vulnerable street children, providing them with a home, education and happy childhood they deserve, and the skills they need to become independent young adults.

We have created the KDM Children Fund to help secure the long-term education and nourishment of the children at KDM. The fund will provide education (Rp 400,000) and meals (Rp 600,000) for a child each month.

How you can help

Any contribution to the fund is welcomed, but with a 6 month commitment, you will have the opportunity to connect with a child at KDM over this period.

Please explore the range of suggested support options and complete this online form confirming your pledge to support the KDM Children Fund.

With your generosity we can secure a better future for Indonesia’s street children!

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