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Kampus Diakoneia Modern (KDM) is a social non-governmental foundation (NGO) assisting development of former street children to their better future, located in Pondok Gede, Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia.

KDM is looking for a dynamic and creative individual to take up the position as:

# Volunteer Coordinator
In general you will be part of the KDM Public Relation and Human Resources team, and will work under the supervision of HR/PR Manager.

1. Volunteer management
a. Assess the needs of volunteers along with KDM Program Manager
b. Publicizing and recruiting needs of volunteers along with the KDM HR/PR Manager
c. Selecting candidates who are interested volunteers to join the KDM with form filling process and interview candidates.
d. Perform data administration volunteer, and the signing of the child protection policy.
e. Evaluate the staff who became a supervisor/user of volunteer regularly every 1 month.
f. Prepare and doing volunteer meetings every 6 months.
2. HR/PR
a. Creating and execute the KDM HR/PR vision and strategy
b. Public promotion and fund raising
c. External communication

Qualifications and qualities needed are as follow:
• Age > 25 years
• Background: Public Relation, or other related Social Sciences Studies
• Interest in social work and empathy to problems of street children
• Open minded and flexible
• Active, creative, working independently
• Good computer skills
• Sufficient English speaking
• Good communication skills
• Eager to learn and curious
• Some experience in this or related work areas is recommended

# Basic Education Staff
To involve in development & implementation of Active Learning program for street children in our facility.

Qualifications and qualities needed are as follow:
• Having passion on teaching and children development
• Mature
• Good learner
• Good adaptation skill
• Bachelor degree from university (preferable: Education or Psychology)
• Creative and pro-active
• Enthusiastic and warm
• Good computer skill

Job description & responsibility:
• He/she will teach Indonesian language and Math with a fun learning method, optimum learning.
• He/she has to prepare teaching material and its method.
• He/she has to be able to observe each child, evaluate the learning process and prepare the progress report of the students.
• He/she willing to follow and engage to most education activities with children, inside and outside KDM.

# Love and Care (Parenting) Staff
We provide an environment that allows our (street) children to form close bonds means that they consider KDM their home and each other their family. Our staff becomes parent-figures to them, nurturing and supporting each one of them throughout their childhood and into adulthood.

Qualifications and qualities needed are as follow:
• Concern to teenager & children activities
• Minimum Diploma 3
• Ready to live in working place (Pondok Gede area)
• Mature
• Able to conduct counseling process (or willing to learn)
• Able to organize children activities
• Good communicator
• Able to work in team and under pressure
• Perfect health condition (Non smoker)
• Understand children issues
• Independent and full of initiative and ideas
• Having experienced to handle street children is an advantage

Job description & responsibility:
• Being ‘parent’ for children/teenager at their dormitory
• Arrange holiday program
• Control children activities
• Conduct counseling to the child
• Arrange activities for the children out of school hour

# Street Children Rehabilitation (Adaptation) Staff, as Adaptation Team Coordinator
A program for the new street children we rescued. The children will follow some activities they can learn how to live normally and permanently in a place. Most of the activities are fun physical activities (such as out bond, sport, games, light fun learning, etc.)

Qualifications and qualities needed are as follow:
• Male/Female, with Psychology background is an advantage
• Having experience with street children is an advantage
• Having good integrity, and eager to learn
• Interested in street children’s issue and their specific problem
• Open minded
• 25-35 years old
• Likes outdoor activities or sport
• Willing to stay at Cileungsi
• Having good leadership
• Active, creative, working independently
• Sufficient English speaking

Job description & responsibility:
• Managing team and developing team work
• Coordinate activities for children in Adaptation program (indoor/outdoor)
• Motivate children to leave street life
• Good parenting (conduct counseling for children)
• Accompany and facilitate new children to get some activities
• Outdoor and sport activities program
• Coaching children to follow their goals
• Keeping child’s files/data

# Street Children Rescue Staff
Sending our rescue team out on to the streets, to identify vulnerable street children and providing them medication, sports activities, and telling them to leave the street life.

Qualifications and qualities needed are as follow:
• Having experience with street children is an advantage
• Diploma 3
• Fresh graduate are welcome
• Having experience in social organization
• Good computer skill and writing skill
• Good communication skill
• Know very well Jakarta and Bekasi area
• Preferable who have driver license (motorbike at least)

Job description & responsibility:
• Manage or collect data/information from children and inform to KDM (daily activity) and put all the data on the system
• Going to the street with rescue team
• Make a record about children who go back to their family

# Entrepreneurial Program Leader
Through KDM’s extensive network, our children are exposed to many career opportunities that allow them to develop into independent, young adults. They have the choice to continue furthering their education and improving their skills in an internship program or college through one of our various sponsors.

Qualifications and qualities needed are as follow:
• Good managerial and communication skill
• Excellent leadership, time management and planning
• Have a good sense of business (entrepreneurship)
• Good and strategic decision maker (focus on the highlights/helicopter view)
• Like working with children (especially teenagers)
• Young spirit, creative, and willing to learn
• Fluent in English and Bahasa – reading, writing and speaking
• Excellent computer skill, excellent health (non smoker)

- Responsibilities
• Operational:
a. Coordinating Talent Development:
i. Setting up training for the children (i.e. problem solving, confidence building, character building)
ii. Coaching and monitoring children’s personal talents: staying motivated, managing their money, sharing, character building (problem solving, confidence)
b. Coordinating Employ-ability Skills:
i. Taking first initiative in connecting with the outer world (companies) to support children in finding jobs
ii. Setting up skills training for the children (how to make CV, write application letter, business plan, interview simulation)
iii. Coaching and monitoring children in keeping their wishes realistic and exploring possibilities
c. Setting up and coordinating meetings with children in Entrepreneurial Program, together with Staff
• Managerial:
a. Managing and coaching Entrepreneur Staff
b. Setting up training for the Staff
c. Setting up annual plans and budgeting
d. Recruiting and coordinating children, trainer, and volunteer
For those who available to work immediately, please send your application letter indicating the applied position with a paragraph motivation statement, CV, and recent photograph in .PDF format (10 pages max, not more than 2MB file size), no later than January 30th, 2014. Send requirements to:

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