Entrepreneurial skills are so important for these kids. So we decided to do a business course. I, Saida el Hairan, a dutch volunteer set up and taught the course. This course consisted of 3 classes. Ultimately the kids would start up their own business with Rp.10.000 startup money.

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The first meeting was all about creativity and finding opportunities in hidden corners. Because every succesful business starts with an unique idea. Inspired by Kyle MacDonald, who traded up from a paperclip to a house within a year, the children got a paperclip to see what they would come up with. Here’s the result:

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Masdi was the great winner who ended up with speakers and a handphone without a battery. Mario won second place, he ended up with a pair of jeans and glue. The tird place went to Suharti, who ended up with a mini harmonica and a KDM calendar. They won respectively: Rp.10.000, Rp.5.000 and Rp.3.000 to start up their business. We had a few interesting cases as well. Some kids traded their item for food or money and ate/spent it all. So they had nothing to show for because of an impulsive decision. A great lesson right there. Other kids lost their item because it got stolen, so we had another lesson about security.

The second meeting was all about their business. During the second meeting the kids filled in their businessplan. They had to think about their unique selling point and why they would be profitable. All of the kids decided to team up and we ended up with 3 businesses. Mario and Iyuz started up Washking, they are washing cars and motorbikes. Suharti, Jessica, Emma and Filipi decided to sell homemade cookies and bracelets made from recycled material. The last group consisted of Dian, Priyanto and Masdi. They sold donuts and they gave a free 2 minute massage with every donut!

In the last meeting we will evalauate their businesses. As a reward we will double their profit!

Special thanks to: Beny, Gracia, Roni and Andik!

(Written by Saida el Hairan, March 6th 2014)

Dian and Priyanto with their startup money

Dian and Priyanto with their startup money

Mario and Iyuz washing the motorbike of their first client

Mario and Iyuz washing the motorbike of their first client

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