I could not find my way back home…

When I was 7 years old, I left Nias with a male friend who invited me to Jakarta. My parents allowed me to make the trip. In Jakarta, I walked around to explore the city alone. But I lost my direction and could not find my way back home. Then, the long journey began…

I lived on the streets all by myself for about one year and a half. I took to many things that I had never done before, such as singing and begging, drinking alcohol, smoking, and using drugs. Thank God, I did not get addicted to drugs because I stopped using them before I destroyed my body and future. It was not difficult for me to find food or even a place to stay because I had friends who helped me. My principle is: you may help others, but never let others pity you.

When I was 9 years old, I met my uncle who is a friend of Mr Martin, a music teacher of KDM. This was the reason why I am here until today. Thanks to KDM, I learned many things, especially how to prepare myself for a brighter future instead of living on the streets.

I attended Trisakti University for a year and majored in Hotel and Tourism. After graduation, I worked as a chef in a restaurant. While living in KDM, I learned many things about life and had the opportunity to attend college and fulfill my dream. I realized that all these things could not have happened without the support from KDM and its volunteers.

Even though I am still living in KDM, I do not require much support. I am planning to live on my own and be independent when the right opportunity arrives.

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